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Corruption: five steps to end the culture of impunity

Kabul, 06/04/2017 - 11:15, UNIQUE ID: 170406_6
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Today the second theme of the EU in Afghanistan 2017 anti-corruption campaign ends. The week long focus on "Corruption in the judiciary" has sparked many interesting dialogues with all levels of the Afghan society.

Five concrete actions that the Government should undertake immediately to end the culture of impunity for corruption emerged:

  • Corrupt officials need to be disciplined and their cases filed for further investigation and prosecution
  • Today corruption cases in the judiciary are dealt with by the judiciary itself. However independent monitoring can be introduced to make sure that corruption cases are handled in accordance with the law
  • All key posts in the justice sector must be filled based on merits. Professionals must prove a track record of integrity and leadership qualities
  • More transparency into the work of the courts. The Afghan people, civil society organisations and the media need to be able to hold the judiciary accountable
  • Continued support for the Anti-Corruption Justice Centre ensuring it remains an independent and capable anti-corruption body that allows the Government to the signal that the time for corruption in Afghanistan is over and that all Afghans are equal to the law.
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