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EUAM Iraq organised a workshop on Policing of Protest

14/04/2021 - 12:20
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EUAM Iraq in conjunction with key strategic interlocutors, facilitated a workshop on policing of protest with a thematic focus on policy, strategy, leadership, use of force and the human rights dimensions. Participation included diverse representation from the Minister’s Office, Law Enforcement Command, Baghdad Police Command, the Ministry of Interior’s Legal Department, the Public Affairs Office, the Human Rights Directorate and the Directorate of International Coordination and the Training Directorate. The policy dialogue was further enhanced by the contributions of the Iraqi Independent Commission for Human Rights who provided wider citizen perspectives.

Following widespread popular protests and civil unrest in Iraq in late 2019, the Iraqi government has committed to enhance the policing of protests. Sporadic protests have continued this year countrywide, especially in cities of Najaf, Nassariya and Basra.  

EUAM Iraq provides strategic advice to the Ministry of Interior and Iraqi police on enhancing national preparedness, organisational capabilities and operational response to protest. Balancing the right to peaceful protest with public safety imperatives and the maintenance of law and order is central to the democratic process.

EUAM Iraq will continue to provide advocacy and advice to assuring an Iraqi owned, led and delivered sustainable public order reform and transformation agenda.   

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