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Ms President, Honourable Members of the European Parliament,

As many of you have said -and your resolution also points out-, it is important to underline that Chad plays an important role in the fight against terrorism, within the G5 Sahel group [Joint Forces] and we need to preserve the territorial integrity and stability of Chad, in the fragile security context of the region.

The EU in a changing and challenging world

TOGETHER as ONE - Celebrating EU Solidarity and the Multilateral solution for global issues - #EEAS10

Women play an important role as agents for change within their communities. Their experiences and perspectives are crucial in crises management, conflict resolution and peace-building processes. Promoting women’s meaningful participation and gender equality is a key objective of the EU, including of its foreign policy. Gender mainstreaming is a guiding principle of the EU’s 17 CSDP missions and operations, which work to make crisis management more effective and build a more secure world for all.

21/06/2020 - Rising international tensions and conflicts at the doorstep of Europe urge us to take our collective security into our own hands. Lately, four major Member States advocated making security and defence a top priority for the Union. I fully agree: since the beginning of the mandate of this Commission, we have placed our Common Security and Defence Policy at the very heart of the EU’s external policy. And while we have a long way to go, there is now an increased momentum to strengthen our collective capacity for action.