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Happy 75th Birthday, UN!

24/10/2020 - 12:00
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On the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the United Nations, EU Ambassadors in Geneva are sending their best wishes from across the EU. With this special Happy Birthday video, we celebrate – socially distanced but virtually united – achievements of multilateral cooperation of the past 75 years and the EU’s longstanding partnership with the UN.


Each year, UN Day marks the entry into force of the UN Charter on 24 October 1945. UN Day this year, 2020, is special: exactly 75 years ago on this day, the United Nations officially came into being. And never has the urgency for all countries to come together been greater.


The European Union, celebrating 70 years, and the United Nations were born from the same seeds: dialogue, peace, unity, solidarity. We have been supporting and collaborating with the UN in achieving many success stories in the past decades – there is truly much to celebrate. And we stand behind the UN in making sure that it delivers even better for the future.

Global challenges can only be addressed through global, coordinated action. The EU stays committed to working hand in hand for peace, dialogue, and a strong multilateral system with the UN at its core.

On UN Day, to pay tribute to the achievements of a strong EU-UN partnership that needs to be preserved, and equipped, to face new challenges, many of Europe's most iconic buildings, monuments and other landmarks were lit up blue, the official colour of the United Nations.


Happy 75th Birthday, UN! To many more years to come!

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