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Regional Business Forum for Strengthening Business Associations

Dushanbe, 13/12/2019 - 07:12, UNIQUE ID: 191213_5
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Regional Business Forum for Strengthening Business Associations

Business Forum "Strengthening of Business Associations – a Trigger for Qualitative Development of the Digital Economy" united representatives of State Agencies, Business Associations and the private sector. The event was held within the framework of NICE-TAK project on the initiative of Bishkek Business Club, the Council for Business and Entrepreneurship Development at Toraga Zhogorku Kenesh of the Kyrgyz Republic, the National Bank of the Kyrgyz Republic and the Association of Microfinance Organisations.


The conference was held on November 21, 2019, at Sheraton Hotel in Bishkek.


The main objective of the event was to identify the issues affecting the cooperation between the business community and the government, and establishing a positive environment for entrepreneurship and investment in the Kyrgyz Republic.


The speakers were representatives of governmental agencies and businesses. Both parties discussed different policy measures in support of the business community with the goal of strengthening the Business Associations by providing them with professional and financial sustainability, as well as at enhancing their involvement in the regulation of entrepreneurship.


The Forum members discussed the issues affecting cooperation between the Business Associations and the National Parliament and the effectiveness of such a dialogue. Furthermore, the transition of the Kyrgyz Republic into a parliamentary system and the active role taken by the Jogorku Kenesh in promoting and enabling a healthy business environment has increased the level of investment in the Business Associations. There have been many exemplary cases of good cooperation between the Parliamentarians and the Business Associations. 


The development of self-regulating institutions of entrepreneurial activities in the Kyrgyz Republic was one of the main issue that was discussed in the Forum.


Among the new forms of business regulation, global trend shows the success of business self-regulation by industry associations. The need for this form of regulation is also growing in Kyrgyzstan, where the State needs to analyse and implement appropriate policy measures. Domestic practice already has a number of successful precedents of self-regulation, which further confirms the relevance and importance of the government's in dealing with such issues during the initial stages. 


The conclusions drawn from the Forum will be recommended to the Parliament, the President and the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic for future reference.


NICE-TAK (Networking Intermediaries & Competitive Enterprises in Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan) project is implemented by an international consortium, led by sequa gGmbH (Germany) and including five Partners: International NGO CESVI (Italy), National Association of Small and Medium Business of Tajikistan (NASMB), National Association of Business Women of Tajikistan (NABWT), Union of Craftsmen of Tajikistan (UCT) – in Tajikistan – and Bishkek Business Club (BBC) – in Kyrgyzstan.


The overall goal of the project is to promote small and medium-sized enterprises in Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan with a particular emphasis on the development of the handicraft sector. The goal is being achieved through capacity building and support of Tajik and Kyrgyz business intermediary organizations.  


For more information, please contact: the Program Manager Aibek Patiev, phone number: +996 312 580 520; e-mail:

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