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Equipping Our Deployed Experts - A Warehouse For The Civilian CSDP Missions

01/06/2018 - 14:49
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Officials of the EU and the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency MSB signed on 30 May in Brussels the contract on a dedicated warehouse as of June. This will significantly improve the logistical support for the ten civilian CSDP Missions. Key equipment and logistical services can swiftly be made available to the 2,000 women and men in the field.

Equipping civilian EU experts for challenging Missions

"The strategic Warehouse project constitutes a game changer, enhancing both our preparedness and the rapidity of our reaction to crisis situations, while at the same time boosting the efficiency of our existing actions. This constitutes a concrete delivery on the vision of the EU Global Strategy," undelined Hilde Hardeman, Director and Head of Service of the European Commission's Service for Foreign Policy Instruments at the signing event.

"The Warehouse will repair valuable assets, stock equipment and ease freight forwarding. The Missions will receive equipment and assets they need faster. The delivery of pharmaceuticals and medical consumables will also be improved." told Kenneth Deane, who, as Civilian Operations Commander, leads the ten civilian CSDP Missions who will benefit from the improved logistics "The establishment of the Warehouse creates a genuine win-win-situation for all parties involved."

The contract was signed between the EU FPI and the Swedish MSB
The contract was signed between the EU FPI and the Swedish MSB

Located in Kristinehamn, Sweden

The Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency was selected as the implementing operator. Its Director Dan Eliasson emphasised how not only speed of delivery will be increased, but that also work processes will be better streamlined thus increasing general effectiveness. The Warehouse itself will be located in Kristinehamn, Southern Sweden, where MSB already conducts extensive stockholding and logistical activities for missions in Sweden and around the world. 

"The decision by the Member States to establish a warehouse capability for our civilian CSDP Missions is a major step ahead and a concrete deliverable on the will of the High Representative Mrs Federica Mogherini to enhance the rapid deployment capacity of the civilian CSDP ", tells Stefan Huber of the Mission Support Division of the CPCC, the EEAS Directorate serving operational headquarter of the civilian CSDP Missions in a background conversation, "The warehouse capability will ensure the rapid deployment of key equipment for our civilian Missions in Europe, Africa and the Middle East."

"The Warehouse will bring the logistics and supporting services for our ten civilian Missions into the 21st century", outlines Ivo Gombala, head of the Mission Support Platform of the CPCC, after the signing event," We have worked several years to achieve this. Without the commitment and the good cooperation of all parties involved, this wouldn't have been possible." Negotiations with the MSB on the Warehouse II were driven forward in close cooperation between the European Commission's Service for Foreign Policy Instruments (FPI) and the Mission Support Division of the CPCC/EEAS.

Key equipment will be available faster
Key equipment will be available faster


Over 600 soft skin vehicles

With a three year budget of over 52 M€ over 600 soft skin vehicles, up to 1600 laptop computers, transport services of the equivalent of over 800 shipping containers and many other essential assets such as medical or personal protective equipment can be made speedily available to civilian CSDP Missions, other operational action as foreseen by TEU article 28 and EU Special Representatives.

The Warehouse will acquire, store, maintain and make available new and used items of equipment and assets, as well as providing support services. It may also acquire, store and make available any other items of used equipment and assets recovered from the Missions.


Rapid deployment of personnel

The establishment of the Warehouse was accompanied by the build-up of a personnel pool enabling the rapid deployment also of pre-identified key civilian staff for civilian crisis-management Missions.

The EU acts globally to increase human security and to stabilise our wider neighbourhood. 2,000 civilians are currently deployed in the ten civilian Missions in Europe, Africa and the Middle East. They may be deployed far from home, but they contribute to also to the security inside the European Union. It is also thanks to our civilian Missions, that our partners around the world increasingly look at the European Union as a global security provider.