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ESDC/Strategic Communication: Press and Public Information Course

05/05/2019 - 02:00
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The Press and Public Information Officers in CSDP missions and operations have a broad portfolio. Their role is to (a) serve the local and international press; (b) inform the local, national and European public about the CSDP mission; (c) run a website containing all necessary content for a broad audience; (d) update social media outlets with the latest news; (e) prepare the PR activities of the Commander and the whole mission; etc.

Maja Kocijancic ESDC EEAS PPIO

In order to prepare them for this role and make their daily job easier, the European External Action Service's Strategic Communication Division provides a training course and workshop. This activity is always organised back-to-back with the EU Open Day. This year's course was held in the EEAS Headquarters and experts from the EEAS, the European Commission and the European Parliament shared their experiences in web design, developing a narrative and establishing a campaign, in addition to showing how to shoot videos with a mobile phone.

Opening ceremony by Pedro Serrano, Jochen Rehrl and Kirill Gelmi
Opening ceremony by Pedro Serrano, Jochen Rehrl and Kirill Gelmi

As in previous years, the training was well received by the PR officers from CSDP missions and operations. In addition, a few places were offered to specialised staff from EU Member States, who had the opportunity to exchange views with colleagues from missions and operations.

PPIO ESDC EEAS Press and Public Information
Family picture of the PPIO course with Pedro Serrano, Lutz Guellner and Jochen Rehrl.