EUCAP Sahel Mali

EUCAP Sahel Mali marks its fourth anniversary with a strengthened mandate

16/01/2019 - 11:44

On January 15, 2019, EUCAP Sahel Mali celebrated the completion of its fourth year of engagement in Mali. The European Civilian Mission will continue to support the Malian Police, Gendarmerie and National Guard and related ministries. Its new mandate will also cover advice and training in the field of logistics. The actions will be reinforced by a closer follow-up within the units.

The Head of Mission Mr Philippe Rio gave an overview of the actions carried out in support of the Malians: Since the beginning of its operations, EUCAP Sahel Mali has contributed to the preparation and implementation of laws, strategies and action plans in the field of security, such as the National Border Policy and the Integrated Security Plan for the Regions of the Center. It is also involved in the modernization of the human resources systems of the security forces.

Since 2015, EUCAP has trained more than 5,600 police, gendarmerie and national guard officers. 2900 persons were trained by the mission in 2018.

The mandate of the mission has been extended by two years. In addition to the main priorities (human resources management, counter-terrorism, organized crime and border management) new activities will be developed in the fields of logistics management. Furthermore, EUCAP’s training and advice will be reinforced by a follow-up of trained personnel in the units, in order to ensure the coherence and effectiveness of the training delivered and to give additional in situ training if necessary.

The redeployment of security forces at the center will remain a priority for EUCAP in 2019.  In support to the the implementation of the Integrated Security Plan for the Regions of the Center, the mission was present for more than 40 weeks in the regions of Mopti and Ségou in 2018 in order to conduct decentralised advisory and training activities. In addition, 600 elements of the National Guard  to be deployed in the Centre participated in EUCAP training.  “The return of security is essential for the return of the civil administration and the relaunch of economic activities," concluded the Head of Mission.


The Malian Minister of Security

M. Vincenzo Coppola, the Civilian Opertions Commander, participated to the celebrations and the Medal Parade.

The Head of Mission Philippe Rio.