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09/10/2017 - 00:00
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Bamako (Mali), 9 October 2017 - The opening ceremony of the second legislative drafting workshop organized by EUCAP Sahel Mali on 9 October 2017 was chaired by the Secretary General of the Government. In the presence of the Deputy Head of Mission, the Minister thanked the Strategic Advisors in Legal Drafting for the initiative to support the training of the public administration’s heads of department.

The Deputy Head of Mission congratulated the experts from the Secretariat General of the Government, the National Assembly, the University and the international organizations for their active participation that contributed to the success of the first workshop. The Secretary General of the Government encouraged them to discuss their specific preoccupations regarding the normative process. For the Minister, the workshop prolongs and amplifies the efforts of the Secretariat General of the Government toward a harmonization and a standardization of drafting practices and techniques of legislatives and regulatory texts. She is convinced that the sharing of experiences and the expertise provided by EUCAP Sahel Mali will allow to evaluate the Malian practice and to identify its gaps and weaknesses.
The Secretary General of the Government reminded the final goal of improving the Malian legislation’s quality and efficiency: sufficiently clear, precise, intelligible and stable texts. She nourishes the hope that this initiative will not stop halfway.


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