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Civilian CSDP: good insurance coverage for challenging conditions

13/10/2020 - 08:51
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Staff of civilian CSDP Missions work in challenging, at times dangerous circumstances. Traumatic injuries caused by road traffic accidents or terror attacks, infectious diseases, significant stress caused by increased threat levels…these are examples of the health challenges that the approximately 2,000 strong staff of the 11 civilian CSDP Missions face.

Insurance cards as a visible sign of cover


Good insurance cover in civilian CSDP Missions

Medical services are provided in the respective civilian CSDP Missions’ headquarters. In addition to this, deployed personnel is covered by a private insurance which reimburses medical costs negotiated under a framework contract and which provides medical repatriation in the event of an emergency.

This insurance cover applies naturally also to the staff of the EU Advisory Mission in Bangui, the newest civilian CSDP Mission, with the mandate to provide strategic advice to the Central African authorities on the reform of their civilian security sector.

Insurance cards as a visible sign of cover

The Missions Operational Support Division CPCC.4 and Unit FPI.3 of the European Commission handed recently in Brussels the insurance cards to their colleague from the Mission in Bangui. These insurance cards are a visible and tangible sign of the insurance rights providing medical guarantees to all staff members of the Mission.

Medical services and a good insurance cover provide peace of mind for Mission members working in challenging conditions.

Background information

EUAM RCA celebrated recently, 24 September 2020, its official inauguration in Bangui. The Mission will consist of around 60 strategic advisers and support staff.

Within the framework of the “Civilian Planning and Conduct Capability” (CPCC) Directorate, that serves as the Operational Headquarters for the civilian CSDP, CPCC.4 is the Division dedicated to providing Missions Operational Support. It provides essential and pragmatic assistance to the Civilian CSDP Missions deployed around the world, enabling them to deliver on their mandate in the field. This support is instrumental for missions’ experts and staff to be able to perform their duties in a safe and secure environment while at the same time, ensuring consistency and compliance to financial and legal procurement rules. 

The 11 civilian CSDP Missions are funded out of the EU Budget’s “Common Foreign and Security Policy (CFSP)” budget line which is overseen and managed by the European Commission’s Service for Foreign Policy Instruments (FPI).