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EU Member States decide to strengthen civilian CSDP Missions

29/05/2018 - 11:04
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Humans in conflict areas suffer from lawlessness and violence. The EU engages responsibly and supports struggling partner countries through a mix of diplomatic, development and security measures. 2,000 women and men work in the ten civilian Missions to increase human security in Europe, Africa and the Middle East. On 28 May 2018, the Council adopted conclusions on strengthening civilian Common Security and Defence Policy (CSDP).

Increasing human security - the civilian CSDP Missions

The civilian Missions empower our partners through building their capacities to provide security and rule of law. The ten Missions base on local ownership and they are tailored according to the needs of the host countries.

Our local partners appreciate the work done by our EU experts in the field of Rule of Law, policing and human rights. "EUCAP trainings in community policing help us to transform the police to a force capable to respond the needs of the Malian population", says for example Lamine Coulibaly, Malian police inspector, a partner of the EUCAP Sahel Mali Mission.

Did you know that the ten civilian Missions conducted in 2017 around 530 training events for over 11,000 nationals on topics such as forensic techniques, combatting trafficking of human beings, integrated border management, anti-corruption and human rights?

The EU will continue to be a reliable partner for global peace and security. The capacity of the civilian Missions for swift deployment of both staff and equipment has recently been improved. The EU Foreign Ministers decided decided in their meeting 28 May to strengthen the capacities of the civilian Missions, which are under the umbrella of the Common Security and Defence Policy. For more information on the recent decision of the EU Member States to further strengthen the civilian CSDP Missions please see the Council press release.

As a Union of small-and medium-sized countries we have a shared European interest in engaging the world together. Because security in Europe demands security beyond our borders.


Here and here you will find more current information on the ten civilian CSDP Missions.