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Commissioner for International Cooperation and Development Neven Mimica is on an official visit to the Republic of Mauritius, where he met Prime Minister Jugnauth and various Members of the Government.

What do the European Union and the Smurfs have in common? Both identify with the colour blue, and both care deeply about the health of our blue planet. And now they are shaking hands to clean up beaches across the world and encourage people to protect our ocean!

A beautiful sunny day in Belgium saw a large crowd of people gathering on the beach at De Haan including several hundred EU colleagues with their families and friends, all for a good cause, to raise awareness around the problem of marine litter. Over 11 tonnes of garbage were collected.

El agua no es algo que pueda darse por supuesto. Hay en el mundo 2.100 millones de personas sin acceso a agua potable. En el Día Mundial del Agua recordamos hasta qué punto es condición previa para una vida digna tener acceso a un agua segura, potable, asequible, físicamente accesible y en cantidad suficiente. La UE reconoce plenamente y defiende los derechos humanos fundamentales al agua potable y a un saneamiento seguro.

A água não pode ser considerada um bem adquirido. No mundo, 2100 milhões de pessoas não têm acesso a água potável. No Dia Mundial da Água, importa recordar quanto o acesso físico fácil a água segura, potável, em quantidades suficientes e a preços comportáveis é uma condição prévia para uma vida digna. O direito fundamental de acesso a água potável e a saneamento básico aplica-se a todos os seres humanos e é plenamente reconhecido e defendido pela UE.

L’eau ne doit pas être considérée comme un bien acquis. 2,1 milliards de personnes dans le monde n’ont pas accès à l’eau potable. La Journée mondiale de l'eau est l'occasion de nous rappeler à quel point l'accès physique et abordable à un approvisionnement suffisant en eau salubre et potable est une condition essentielle pour vivre dignement. Le droit fondamental à l'eau potable et à l'assainissement, qui appartient à tout être humain, est pleinement reconnu et défendu par l'UE.

Water is not to be taken for granted. 2.1 billion people across the globe lack access to drinking water. On World Water Day, we remember how much access to sufficient, safe, drinkable, physically accessible and affordable water is a precondition for a decent life. The fundamental human rights to safe drinking water and sanitation apply to every human being and are fully recognised and backed by the EU.

«Ни одна страна не может в одиночку преуспеть в преодолении тревожных тенденций, с которыми мы сталкиваемся сегодня в наших океанах. За последние два года мы продемонстрировали, что достичь безопасного и рационального управления океанами в долгосрочной перспективе можно только с помощью дипломатии, общих правил и международного сотрудничества. Нам предстоит решить еще много задач. По этой причине ЕС продолжит проводить активную совместную политику в отношении океанов», — заявила Верховный Представитель ЕС Федерика Могерини


“No country can succeed alone in reversing the worrying trends that we face in our Oceans today. For the past two years, we have shown that we will only achieve safe and sustainably managed oceans through diplomacy, common rules and international cooperation. There are many challenges ahead. For this reason, the EU will continue to pursue strong and united ocean action.” – Federica Mogherini


Around 8 million tons of plastic enter the sea every year... mostly ending up on our beaches... Collective action is needed! Throughout the months of September and October, leading to the Our Ocean Conference in Bali, several EU Delegations worldwide were actively cleaning seashores and riverbanks together with their families, and locals and organisations who worked jointly to make our ocean a better place for marine life... These efforts have now been marked on the European Atlas of the Seas’ last “Map of the Week” for 2018!


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