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При растущем населении в сочетании с климатическими изменениями водные ресурсы стали одной из самых насущных проблем XXI века. Европейский Союз считает своим долгом расширить свое дипломатическое участие с целью превращения водных ресурсов в средство достижения мира, а не источник напряженности. Мы должны использовать имеющиеся в нашем распоряжении средства для поощрения и защиты прав человека на доступ к безопасной питьевой воде и санитарии.

A combination of a growing population and climate change makes water one of the most pressing challenges the world faces in the 21st century. The EU is committed to enhancing its diplomatic engagement to make water a tool for peace, rather than a source of tension. We shall use many means at our disposal to promote and protect the human rights to safe drinking water and sanitation.

Our Ocean, Our Legacy is the theme of this year's Our Ocean Conference, as it reflects our choices and actions to maintain the sustainability of our ocean's resources and to preserve our ocean's health. The conference will be taking place in Bali, Indonesia on 29-30 October.

Our ocean is under threat from the effects of climate change, over-fishing, pollution and loss of biodiversity. Our future depends on a clean and healthy ocean, where protection and sustainable use go hand in hand. Safeguarding the ocean for future generations is a shared responsibility and a matter of global urgency. The EU is at the forefront of climate action. As the 2019 worldwide #EUBeachCleanUp campaign nears the end, the EU welcomes this year’s #OurOcean conference in Oslo where it announces its commitments to protect the ocean.


Each year 12 million girls under 18 are married; 130 million girls worldwide are still out of school; and approximately 15 million adolescent girls aged 15-19 have experienced forced sexual activity. The EU is committed to continue its full support to see progress and not regress, for girls and women to achieve gender equality.

The EU Arctic Forum 2019, taking place in Umeå (Sweden) on 3-4 October, offers a good opportunity to take a look at what the EU Arctic policy looks like on the ground


Le forum de l’UE sur l’Arctique de 2009, qui se tiendra à Umeå (Suède) les 3 et 4 octobre, est une bonne occasion de s’intéresser à la politique arctique menée par l’UE sur le terrain;


Deux sommets importants se sont tenus cette semaine en marge de l’AGNU. Il s'agit du Sommet Action Climat des Nations unies et du Sommet des Nations unies sur les objectifs de développement durable, lors desquels l'UE a fait part de sa ferme volonté d'exécuter le Programme de développement durable à l’horizon 2030 en faveur d’un monde pacifique et prospère, où le bien-être humain sur une planète en bonne santé occupe une place centrale.


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