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Вопрос о том, как исследовать чудеса нашей Солнечной системы и извлекать выгоду из ее огромных ресурсов, – одна из самых сложных задач нашего времени.


The question of how to explore the wonders of our Solar System and best benefit from its vast resources is one of the great challenges of our times.


The European Investment Fund (EIF) is partnering with the European Commission, to announce €300 million of investments into the EU space sector, supporting ground-breaking innovation in the industry.

During the European Space Conference in Brussels, EIF and the EC jointly announced investments into two space tech focused funds - Orbital Ventures and Primo Space, under the first ever EU-backed equity pilot - the InnovFin Space Equity Pilot.


Imagine a world where space technology can be used to rescue people at sea; satellite systems to identify major climate changes; and Earth observation technologies helping farmers to monitor crops, reduce water waste and avoid poor fertilisation... Sounds futuristic, but this is happening... and happening now! Just days after the launch of a new decade, the European Space Conference convened to take stock of what has been done, and to look forward to Europe’s future space policy, its programs and missions.

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Ladies and gentlemen, dear colleagues, dear friends,

I am pleased to speak at this year’s European Space Conference. I remember well when we met one year ago and discussed how space has become a key component of the global security equation and how the rise in geo-political tensions we see on Earth are being extended and projected into the space.

On January 28, 2020, the Delegation of the European Union to the United States attended a ceremony at the headquarters of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) renaming a cutting-edge ocean observation satellite after Michael Freilich, the former head of NASA's Earth Science Division.

22/01/2020 - Heutzutage verbringen wir in der Außenpolitik verständlicherweise viel Zeit damit, uns mit Krisen zu beschäftigen – von Libyen bis Iran, Irak, dem Sahel und darüber hinaus. Daneben müssen wir uns aber unbedingt die Zeit nehmen, uns mit längerfristigen strategischen Fragen zu befassen. Eine davon ist die Zukunft des Weltraums, und daher war es mir eine große Freude, am 21. Januar die 12. Europäische Weltraumkonferenz zu eröffnen.

22/01/2020 - En los últimos tiempos, en política exterior, lógicamente pasamos mucho tiempo gestionando distintas crisis, desde Libia hasta Irán, Irak, el Sahel u otras. Al mismo tiempo, es fundamental abordar cuestiones estratégicas a largo plazo y dedicarles tiempo. El futuro del espacio es una de ellas y me alegró poder inaugurar el 21 de enero la 12.ª Conferencia Europea del Espacio.


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