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Чтить память жертв — дело всех и каждого, особенно во времена нового подъема антисемитизма, [...] как в Европе, так и за ее пределами. Поэтому сейчас, как никогда прежде, мы должны оставаться бдительными ко всем — старым и новым — формам расизма и дискриминации, реагировать на них и действовать.


Remembrance is an individual and collective responsibility, particularly in times when antisemitism rises again, [...] inside and outside Europe. So, more than ever, we have the duty to 'remain vigilant' against all forms of racism and discrimination, old and new, to react and to act.


On the occasion of the International Holocaust Remembrance Day, European Union High Representative Mogherini says that remembering Europe's dark past and translating what we have learned from our experience into our policies is critical to prevent against the rise of antisemitism, discrimination and hate speech in Europe.

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