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EU High Representative Mogherini is launching a Global Tech Panel (#GlobalTechPanel) to bring together leaders from the tech industry, representatives of the private sector, academia and civil society. The aim of the Global Tech Panel is to foster new types of cooperation between diplomacy and technology, and to start a genuine conversation about not just tackling the threats of the digital age, but also unleashing its potential to solve global problems together.


The use of force must always abide by international law, including international humanitarian law and human rights law, and this fully applies to autonomous weapons systems. States – and human beings – remain responsible and accountable for their behaviour in an armed conflict, even if it involves the use of autonomous weapons.

How governments should manage the rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to ensure we harness the opportunities while also addressing the threats of the digital era is one of the major strands of open debate the EU has initiated together with tech leaders.

6 июня Верховный Представитель ЕС Федерика Могерини провела первую встречу Глобальной технологической группы (#GlobalTechPanel) в Брюсселе.


Ce jour, la haute représentante/vice-présidente Federica Mogherini a convoqué à Bruxelles pour la première fois le Global Tech Panel (#GlobalTechPanel), qui réunit un groupe de responsables issus des univers des technologies

Today, High Representative/ Vice-President Federica Mogherini convened the Global Tech Panel (#GlobalTechPanel) in Brussels for the first time, bringing together a group of leaders from the worlds of technology, civil society and diplomacy

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