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European Development Fund (EDF)

The project aims to support the electoral cycle in the Solomon Islands between 2013 and 2016, taking into account the national elections in 2014.

Travaux de réalisation et de réhabilitation de 6 adductions d'eau potable et de 20 forages d’exploitation dans 6 grands centres urbains au Tchad.– Lot 3: réhabilitation, construction et mise en marche des AEP de Beinamar et Danamadji.

Conservation and good governance of natural resources of theZakouma National Park (PNZ) and its ecosystems for the benefit of local development.


Conservation et bonne gouvernance des ressources naturelles du Parc National de Zakouma (PNZ) et de ses écosystèmes au bénéfice du développement local.


Papua New Guinea is characterised by very rugged terrain in the highlands and isolated coastal areas, which, coupled with a lack of infrastructure is the root of many development issues. Restricted access to markets and financial services hinders the development of business opportunities and Government service delivery.

The objective of the Productive Partnership in Agriculture Project (PPAP) is to improve the livelihoods of smallholder cocoa and coffee producers through the improvement of the performance and the sustainability of value chains in cocoa- and coffee-producing areas.

To improve the livelihoods (increase income and access to social services: MDGs) of rural towns and villages while informing the decision making for replication within the National Energy Policy Reform in view of mitigation of the adverse effects of climate changes in Eritrea.

The overall objective of the project is to provide clean, affordable and sustainable supply of electricity for 40 000 people in 28 rural and semi-urban communities that are far from the national grid and have limited or no access to modern energy. Two photo-voltaic plants of a combined 2.7 MW will be installed to electrify the towns of Areza and Maidma and neighbouring villages.


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