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The EU is working with partners – including UNHCR - to provide refugees with access to education. Learning the language is key to finding work, friends and ultimately a new home.

MOST (Программа мобильности для целенаправленных межличностных контактов) – один из наиболее успешных европейских проектов мобильности.

MOST (Праграма мабільнасці для мэтанакіраваных кантактаў паміж людзьмі) - адзін з найбольш паспяховых еўрапейскіх праектаў мабільнасці.

What do a Belarusian astrophysicist, a group of forensic experts, a dance troupe, and a trio of ceramics masters have in common? They have all taken part in MOST, an EU-funded mobility project allowing Belarusian professionals to establish contacts with peers in EU Member States.

July 26, 2016… A day to remember by some of the residents of Visiga ward in Kibaha town council. The once marginalized 175 youth in the area before September 2015, shed off that ‘label’ after graduating in various technical courses. Among them, 34-year-old Tatu Kondo Mshindo - deaf, and orphaned at a young age - who graduated in electrical installation.

Taking a new approach to employing the underprivileged, the EU in Kosovo created opportunities for them in the labour market and helped them transition from social assistance to starting up their own business

At 23, Allan Martin, from Ifakara District in Morogoro region did not expect that he would one day wake up to find a free and clear path that would eventually change his life. After graduating from his o-level education in 2013 at Kibaoni secondary school, he wanted to be a heavy truck driver but had no means to pay fees for driving lessons.

She is one of the young women who dares to go against all odds when it comes to pursuing a dream. She harboured a dream, but along the way, at 16, she got pregnant, and dropped out of school, and many thought it was all over, and she also believed so herself at one point. Her name is Irene Erasto, now 22. Hers was a story that was difficult to tell... how without an income she had to feed and care for her young child.

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