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34-year-old taxi driver Omar Musa, was amongst 40,000 Libyans who, together with his family, had to flee from the city of Tawergha after the 2011 revolution in Libya. People were living in dire conditions in camps spread across the country. Seven years later, Omar was finally able to return home. “When I arrived I was not aware of the danger that I faced. However, I found billboards and posters on the walls near the entrance of the city with emergency phone numbers to report any explosive remnants of war. I did not really understand what that meant at the time." Indeed, in such situations, the EU supports projects to raise awareness about unexploded ordnances and mines, and to help clear people’s properties so that they can return safely home.

La Journée internationale pour la sensibilisation aux dangers des mines et l’assistance à la lutte antimines est célébrée chaque année le 4 avril. Pour certains, la signature d’un traité de paix ne signifie pas la fin de la guerre. Les mines terrestres continuent à tuer, des années après la fin du conflit. Elles continuent à semer la terreur et empêchent les gens de regagner leurs foyers et de reprendre une vie normale. L’UE est fière «d'être à la pointe de la lutte contre la menace que font planer les mines et les restes explosifs de guerre», a déclaré la haute représentante, Mme Mogherini.

The 4th of April of each year marks the International Day for Mine Awareness and Assistance in Mine Action. Indeed, for some people war is not over even after a peace treaty. Landmines keep killing and maiming people years after conflict has ended. They continue to instill terror, to stop people from returning to their homes or normal lives. The EU is "proud to be a leading force worldwide in addressing the threat of mines and explosive remnants of war" says High Representative Mogherini.

L’Union européenne a présenté aujourd’hui à Genève une publication exposant ses actions dans le domaine du déminage et fournissant des informations pratiques aux organisations qui souhaitent solliciter un financement de l’UE.


The European Union launched today in Geneva, a publication outlining the EU's actions in the field of demining and providing practical information for organisations wishing to apply for EU funding.

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