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Сотрудничество ЕС в области обороны быстро развивается, создавая рабочие места, а также новые возможности для инноваций и повышения безопасности нашего континента. Выступая на мероприятии, организованном аналитическим центром Italia Decide в Риме 12 февраля 2018 года, Верховный Представитель ЕС Федерика Могерини рассказала о том, как европейский подход к углублению сотрудничества по всем направлениям и всеобъемлющий подход к обеспечению безопасности демонстрируют стремление, которое соответствует сегодняшним вызовам.

There is no security without women. Women set currently 30 % of the staff of the ten civilian CSDP Missions. Antje, a senior police officer from Germany, is the Deputy Head of EUCAP Niger, the capacity building Mission that supports Niger since 2012.

The ten currently ongoing civilian CSDP Missions are at the forefront of the EU's response to international crisis. As is already tradition, the EEAS Secretary General Helga Schmid joined the heads of the civilian Missions at their biannual conference at headquarters in Brussels.

The Australian Government will provide a senior humanitarian expert to join the European Union's Advisory Mission in Iraq (EUAM Iraq). Australia becomes thus the fourth non-EU Member State to currently send experts to civilian CSDP Missions.

Physical security, drinkable water, electricity, office infrastructure, pharmaceutical products – civilian CSDP Missions would not run without them. The security, logistical and medical services provided by the Mission support departments of the ten civilian CSDP Missions are a precondition for their ability to function. Running Missions in distant countries – in locations as diverse as Agadez, Baghdad, Tripoli or Mtshketa – and providing for approximately 2,000 multi-lingual and multi-cultural staff in order for them to be able to carry out their work is a formidable challenge. A breakthrough in the field of mission support, enhancing both preparedness and the rapidity of the EU’s reaction to crisis situations, was the opening of the civilian CSDP Warehouse in Sweden June 2018.

"(…) Let me start by saying that yesterday afternoon and this morning Ministers took another major step in our work to build the European Union of defence. We have agreed yesterday to first of all strengthen our civilian crisis management. Ministers adopted a civilian compact that contains over 20 political commitments to reinforce the European Union capacity to deploy civilian expertise.

Early November, EULEX’s Formed Police Unit conducted a joint exercise with the KFOR Tactical Reserve Battalion on Crowd and Riot Control.

The EU Monitoring Mission (EUMM) organised a Common Security and Defence Policy (CSDP) Hostile Environment Awareness Training (HEAT) course at the Mission Headquarters in Tbilisi, Georgia from the 29 October until the 2 November 2018.

Lieutenant-General Vincenzo Coppola from the Italian Carabinieri has today on 17 September taken up his duties as the new Civilian Operations Commander.

Супрацоўніцтва ЕС у галіне абароны хутка развіваецца, ствараючы працоўныя месцы, а таксама новыя магчымасці для інавацый і павышэння бяспекі нашага кантынента. Выступаючы на мерапрыемстве, арганізаваным аналітычным цэнтрам Italia Decide ў Рыме 12 лютага 2018 года, Высокі прадстаўнік ЕС Федэрыка Магерыні распавяла пра тое, як еўрапейскі падыход да паглыблення супрацоўніцтва ва ўсіх накірунках і ўсёабдымны падыход да пытанняў бяспекі дэманструюць наяўнасць амбіцый, якія адпавядаюць сённяшнім выклікам.


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