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civilian CSDP #workingforhumansecurity

The civilian Rule of Law Mission EULEX organized recently a crowd and riot control (CRC) training course for Kosovo Police officers from Mitrovica, North Kosovo, aimed at developing their operational CRC capacity. Mitrovica was in the past the scene of riots and public unrest.

The mandates of the two civilian CSDP Missions in the Palestinian Territories EUPOL COPPS and EUBAM Rafah were recently extended for another year. With the new mandate comes a fresh budget. 35 Quick Impact Projects were launched to support the Palestinian Authority in the field of security and justice.

Analysing the way forward to 2023 representatives from Member States and the EEAS underlined the continuing need for the civilian CSDP Missions, which work to improve human security in the Eastern and Southern neighbourhood. The "Civilian CSDP Fast Forward "seminar organised 19 July by the Finnish EU Presidency and the EU Institute for Strategic Studies in Brussels provided room for critical analysis and frank discussions.

The EU Member States have extended the area of operation of the civilian CSDP Missions in Niger and Mali to include also the counter-terrorism and anti-crime efforts in other G5 Sahel countries.

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