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In partnership with women

Women, Peace and Security

08 March 2013

EU Military Operations and Missions celebrate International Women's Day - 08 March 2013

In all EU military missions the UN resolutions on Women, Peace and Gender are an integral part of the military Standard Operating Procedures. We are convinced that this adds to the positive effect of our missions. It is essential that we live by our own values if we want to defend them and pass them on. All missions therefore marked International Women's Day. Read more...

Women, Peace and Security

The ways in which women, men, girls and boys experience and respond to armed conflict, peacekeeping, peace building and reconstruction differ, as do their security concerns. While entire communities suffer the consequences of armed conflict, women and girls are particularly affected because of their status in society and their sex.

Understanding these differences is essential to the successful planning and implementation of response strategies, be it with regard to crisis management operations, conflict resolution and mediation efforts or post-conflict reconstruction. Read more... pdf - 2 MB [2 MB]

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