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In partnership with women

Western Balkans Region


In Croatia, the EU supports the activities of the Centre for Education and Counselling and Research – CESI. CESI, in the past 10 years, has educated 220,000 young people and 420 educators in the Republic of Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, and Macedonia. These people were equipped with knowledge and skills for conducting programs on raising awareness on gender and sexuality issues, prevention of teen dating violence and sexual and reproductive health and rights. The support comes as part of the European Instrument for Democracy and Human Rights and the Country Based Support Scheme.

The overall objective is to encourage inclusion and empowerment of visually impaired women for participation in social processes and to raise awareness of the issues affecting disabled women. The specific objective of the EU support is to increase leadership capacities and gender awareness of visually impaired women and girls, to change societal attitudes and prejudices and advocate for equal opportunities for visually impaired women in social life.

The results of the EU’s assistance have included greater involvement by visually impaired women in local actions and training, educational programs dealing with Gender Awareness, Sexuality, and Prevention of teen dating violence, and the development of gender sensitive policies and programs addressing people with disabilities.

Public awareness has also been greatly increased, with 150,000 people having received basic knowledge and information on equal opportunities and discrimination of women with visual impairment. Alongside this has been the setting up of a web portal LIBELA, which contained information on gender and democracy.

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