Services for journalists

To raise awareness and understanding of the European Union and its policies, the Delegation to Uzbekistan carries out a wide range of information and communication activities. They include the Delegation's website, regular Press Releases and brochures, and numerous events that address the needs of various audiences interested in learning more about the European Union and EU-Uzbekistan relations.

General EU information resources are also available for the mass media:

EU RAPID Press Releases' database

The RAPID database contains all the Press Releases of the Commission since 1985, the great majority of them in at least two languages. It also contains Press Releases some of the other European institutions, particularly the Council of the Union. Press releases of the Commission are available in at least English and French (the working languages of the Commission Press Room), while many of the Press Releases are available in all EC languages.

EU Audiovisual Service

The audiovisual portal of the European Commission gives access to news items in a variety of audiovisual formats. Just browse the site or register on-line to download photo and media files, and share the sights and sounds of Europe. The unique archive on the EU's history dating from the 1940s is also available on the portal. All materials can be downloaded free of charge - via the Internet and via Europe by Satellite - in professional standards.

Europe by Satellite

Europe by Satellite is the European Union's TV information service which broadcasts quality video and audio files on events, news and press conferences of the European Commission, the European Parliament, the Council of Ministers, the European Central Bank and other EU institutions. It provides live coverage using a non-encrypted signal, available to be downloaded without any special equipment.

EU Tube

It is a space of the European Union on YouTube, where you may find out more about a Europe of actions and results. There is a possibility to watch a wide range of video materials, to comment on them and to share them with your friends.


Eurostat, the Statistical Office of the European Communities, offers harmonized statistics of the European Union and its Member-States. A vast range of free data is divided by region, country or date. Electronic versions can be downloaded in PDF format and searched for by theme or collection.