Political & economic relations

The relations between the European Union and Uzbekistan have been developing steadily since the independence of Uzbekistan in 1991. While initially the focus has been primarily on development cooperation, the signature of the Partnership and Cooperation Agreement (PCA) pdf - 4 MB [4 MB]   in 1996 created space for broadening of bilateral relations by creating an institutional framework and expanding the scope of areas of cooperation from development to political affairs, trade and economic issues, matters of human and social development and others.

The EU – Uzbekistan bilateral relations were put into a regional perspective in the "European Union and Central Asia: Strategy for a New Partnership" (PDF version ), which outlines the overall EU co-operation objectives, policy responses and priority fields for engagement in Central Asia.  In June 2010, the European Council and the European Commission published their Joint Progress Report on the implementation of the EU Central Asia Strategy.

Since 2011, the opportunities for advancing bilateral relations have further increased, as the EU and Uzbekistan signed Memorandum of Understanding on cooperation in the field of energy and the EU established its diplomatic representation in Tashkent.