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Travel to the EU

From ancient standing stones to towering modern skyscrapers; and from the icy slopes of the Alps to the sun-soaked beaches of the Mediterranean, the 28 Member States of the European Union have something to entice every traveler.

Pack your bags, and join us for an exciting European adventure!

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  • Visa policy

    The border-free Schengen Area cannot function efficiently without a common visa policy which facilitates the entry of legal visitors into the EU, while strengthening internal security. The EU has set…

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  • All About Europe

    Visiting Europe is Easy

    And the European Union (EU) has made the journey around Europe even simpler thanks to the euro, the single currency used by 19 EU countries, and the…

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  • Getting There

    Traveling to Europe is easy. American citizens who are on vacation in the EU for 90 days or less don’t need a visa, just a valid U.S. passport, and within Europe’s 26-country Schengen area, national border controls have disappeared, so visitors can travel from country to country without systematic passport checks.

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  • Things to do in Europe

    You can be an independent traveler or go on a tour, but perhaps there are other options you’d like to consider. There is a dazzling choice of things to do and see in Europe. For ideas and information on all countries, have a look at the European tourist destinations website or check out the options below.

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  • Get street savvy

    When traveling to the European Union, there are certain travel considerations that every American should be aware of. Whether these concern having a money, emergencies etc. these tips provide a useful insight into the ways in which the EU is working to help and assist you as a traveler.

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  • Consular Protection

    When living or traveling outside the EU, you sometimes need help from your embassy/consulate – but what if your country has no diplomatic mission in that country?

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Spotlight on…

Not sure where to go? Want a local’s angle? Hear what our colleagues at the Delegation of the European Union in Washington have to tell you about their home countries, including some of their favorite activities, restaurants, and entertainment.

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Explore our interactive map to discover more about each EU Member State.

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