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Group Study Tours and Visits

During our four- to five-day programs, study tour participants are briefed on European Union institutions (including the European External Action Service, European Commission, European Parliament, and Council of the EU) and the EU’s decision-making procedures. Senior officials from EU institutions and Brussels-based US diplomats meet with participants to discuss current issues on the transatlantic agenda.

Congressional Staffers

The EU Delegation, in cooperation with the European Parliament’s Liaison Office to the US Congress, occasionally invites Congressional staffers to participate in a visit to the EU institutions in Brussels, Belgium as part of “The European Union-United States Cultural Exchange Program.”

Congressional staff study tours increase mutual understanding between the people of the United States and the European Union through their elected representatives, broaden Americans’ knowledge of EU institutions, and strengthen EU-US cooperation through increased understanding of our shared values.

Graduate Journalism Students

Regular press visits to Brussels for US graduate journalism students give participants a better understanding of the EU and how it works, and of relations between the US and the EU. It is also an excellent opportunity to develop professional contacts and to discover the extensive range of services that the EU provides to journalists.

Candidates should be US graduate students majoring in journalism or communication; have a demonstrated interest in foreign affairs; and be committed to a career in journalism and/or public diplomacy.

Euro Challenge Teachers

Each year, we organize the Euro Challenge, an academic contest that provides an opportunity for American high school students to learn about the EU and the economies that share its single currency.

To thank participating teachers for the support they offer to the program, we select approximately 20 educators each year to participate in a study visit offering first-hand experience with, and in-depth information on, the EU institutions.  Selected teachers must have taken part in the current year’s Euro Challenge competition and be recommended by the Delegation’s Euro Challenge partners. For more information visit: