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Security and Defense

The United States is the EU’s foremost strategic partner in promoting peace and stability around the world.  Every day, we work together to confront global security challenges like terrorism, nuclear weapons proliferation (including Iran), and transnational crime (such as cyber crime).

We also collaborate on a wide range of civilian and military crisis management and conflict prevention initiatives.

For example, in May 2011, we strengthened on-the-ground coordination in crisis situations with an agreement allowing US civilians to participate in EU Common Security and Defense Policy operations.  As a result, more than 60 Americans currently serve in Kosovo as part of the EU Rule of Law Mission.

Our cooperation and coordination, along with African partners and the UN, has also been essential to the success of the EU Training Mission for Somali soldiers in Somalia and Uganda. The EU launched the ongoing military training mission in 2010 to help strengthen the Transitional Federal Government and Somalia’s institutions; the U.S. covers the cost of transport, equipment, and salaries.

The EU’s ongoing civilian operation in Afghanistan complements U.S. efforts to bolster Afghan efforts to establish good governance and the rule of law, both essential to stability in the region.

The European Union also works closely with the US under the NATO umbrella—22 of the EU’s 28 Member States are also NATO members—in a genuine strategic partnership with the shared goal of regional stability and peace.


CSDP–An Overview

CSDP Missions and Operations