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EU Scam Warnings

Anti-Terrorist Certificate Scam

The European Commission has learned of several attempts to defraud individuals and companies via e-mails from persons promising to invest large sums of money. We understand that intended victims of the fraud are asked to provide an “Anti-Terrorist Certificate” in order to allow international money transfers to be made. The certificate is said to be a legal requirement established by the European Commission. Victims are told that they must pay up to EUR 50,000 in order to receive this certificate, and failure to pay the fee will result in the funds being blocked.

Please be advised that any such demands should be treated as a hoax. The European Commission does not require such an Anti-Terrorist Certificate nor does it request fees in association with the international transfer of funds. There is no “Commission Patriot Act of London, July 2005 (Public Law 313)” nor any similar Act, Law, Regulation or Directive.

Persons who receive a request to pay for a certificate of this nature are strongly advised against making any payment. For issues relating to international money transfers, the first point of contact should be your bank. If you suspect fraud, you should contact the anti-fraud authorities in your country.

For information on the European Commission’s activities to stop the financing of terrorism, please visit the following website: .

Scam Concerning Employment with the EU

We have learned recently of individuals being told by email that they had been accepted for training & a post within the EU and that they should send money for the training–part of which would be refunded once they took up the offered post. This, of course, is not the way in which posts are filled in the EU. Anyone receiving such an “offer” is advised to treat it as computer spam. Our only bona fide website advertising employment is the European Personnel Selection Office. EU security & US law enforcement authorities have been informed.

EU Green Card Lottery Scam

There is no such thing as an EU Green Card Lottery. Any company, individual or organization claiming that there is an EU Green Card Lottery where applicants can win a green card for the European Union is wrong and its action are not in any way endorsed by the European Union.