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I hope you will find it a useful tool to learn more about the dynamic relations between the EU and Ukraine, to find information about the EU supported projects in Ukraine and about studies and travel to the EU.

My team and I look forward to receiving feedback from you as well as from Ukrainian media representatives – feel free to ask any questions you might have about the activities of the EU Delegation. 

Today the European Union and Ukraine enjoy a close and privileged relationship. It has been further strengthened after signing and launching an ambitious Association Agreement, including a Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Area. Our Association is bringing us closer together, boosting our trade links, harmonizing Ukrainian laws and standards with European ones, linking Ukraine to European markets and consolidating shared values. Together we are stronger.

The EU is proud to be the largest bilateral donor to Ukraine, supporting the reform process with as much as EUR250 million per year. Guided by our Association Agreement with Ukraine, our financial and technical cooperation will help address key issues.  We will help to fight corruption, reform the judiciary and civil service. We will work with the authorities to improve the investment and regulatory climate, with benefits to business and customers alike.  We will invest in infrastructure and energy reform to help Ukraine utilise its vast natural resources in an efficient way to achieve energy independence and support economic development. Our assistance and humanitarian programmes will also continue to support those who have been affected and displaced by the illegal annexation of Crimea and by the conflict in the East.

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For those interested in business and trade links with EU countries or education opportunities – please take a look at our specialised resources:  UopenEU,EU Study Days orErasmus+ pages by clicking on the hyperlinks.


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Hugues Mingarelli


Head of the EU Delegation to Ukraine

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