EU supports the New Law on Probation and the Promotion of the Probation Service (23/06/2015)

On Wednesday, 24 June 2015, at 10:00 hrs, a public debate will be organised as part of the EU-funded twinning project for further support to the judiciary and promotion of the probation service and alternative sanctions, at Hotel Stone Bridge (Conference Hall, ground floor). The debate is organized in close cooperation with the key EU-project beneficiaries: the Directorate for Execution of Sanctions and the Ministry of Justice.

At the event, official addresses will be delivered by:
Mr Robert Liddell, Minister Counsellor, Head of Section for Political & Justice and Home Affairs Issues, Information and Communication
Mr Adnan Jashari, Minister of Justice
Ms Lidija Gavriloska, Director of the Directorate for Execution of Sanctions, Ministry of Justice
Mr Dovydas Vitkauskas, Team Leader of the IPA 2010 Project for Further Support to the Judiciary and promotion of the Probation Service and Alternative Sanctions
Mr Andy Stelman, Probation Exert of the IPA 2010 Project for Further Support to the Judiciary and promotion of the Probation Service and Alternative Sanctions
At the public debate, EU-project's objectives and expected results (part of project's component 2) will be presented to the participants, related to development and promotion of a new Probation Service in the beneficiary country, following the adoption of the draft-Law on Probation by the Assembly, prepared jointly among project experts and key project beneficiaries.
The activities envisaged under EU-project's component 2 are focused at:

a. Striking balance between the interests of the prevention of crime on one hand and promotion of rehabilitation and re-socialisation on the other.
b. Elaboration of the Probation Law, envisaging various forms of probation, including pre-trial probation providing information and assessments to the judiciary, supervision of offenders under court orders in the community, penitentiary probation preparing prisoners for release, and supervised release on parole in order to tackle the problem of reoffending.
c. Transformation of DES and other institutions in order to set up a functional modern probation authority compliant with European standards and best practices, which will require effective collaboration with the judiciary, prosecutors and a wide range of agencies providing relevant services to rehabilitate and manage offenders in the community, including the Ministries of Health, Interior and Labour, local authorities and civil society organisations.
d. Development of comprehensive institutional development of the probation services with improvements in the regulatory framework, better managed and trained human resources, advanced infrastructure such as offices and information systems, modern intervention methods and processes, and a reviewed inspection and performance management framework.

The activities envisaged under EU-project's component 1 are focused at:
a) Enhancing the judiciary and prosecution through their improved governance and management
b) Professional training and oversight systems
c) Improvement of justice sector policy and its implementation tools through dedicated policy and regulatory development capacities,
d) Strategic and budgetary planning systems, and
e) Increased coordination among justice sector stakeholders.

The overall objective of this EU-funded project is to further support independent, accountable, professional and efficient judiciary and to promote the probation service and alternative sanctions.

The EU-project activities, budgeted with 1.070.690 EUR, will be implemented in the period January 2015 - December 2016.
Key project beneficiaries are: Ministry of Justice, Directorate for Execution of Sanctions, Supreme Court, courts, Public Prosecution Offices and the Academy for Judges and Public Prosecutors.
For more details please find enclosed the agenda of the public debate.

The journalists and photographers are kindly invited to cover the event.     
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