EU-FAO cooperation

Cooperation between the European Union and FAO dates back to 1991, when a first Framework Cooperation Agreement was reached with the European Commission.

This cooperation was further strengthened with the signature in 1993 of the Arrangement on Procedures for Technical Cooperation, covering the collaboration between the EU and FAO.

In 2003, an exchange of letters was signed between the EU and FAO for the latter's accession to the Financial and Administrative Framework Agreement (FAFA).

In 2004, a Strategic Partnership Agreement [5 MB] was established between the EU and FAO with the aim of enhancing the effectiveness of both partners in their efforts to achieve common goals and objectives in the field of development and humanitarian affairs. The new partnership focuses on fostering closer collaboration on:

  • Food security
  • Sustainable rural development
  • Nutrition
  • Resilience
  • Gender
  • Food safety and quality
  • Climate change
  • Statistical cooperation and information exchange.

Under this new partnership agreement, the EU and FAO have further enhanced the policy dialogue at Headquarters level and strengthened collaboration, particularly at country level. A policy dialogue on senior level takes place once a year between FAO and the EU.

The EU contributions to FAO extra budgetary resources in 2015 were around US$160 million, having Africa as the first beneficiary. These figures outline EU's strategy to increase its focus on Africa. List of ongoing EU projects signed with FAO.

FAO counts with a Liaison Office with the European Union in Brussels in order to follow closely the work of the European institutions (Commission, Parliament, Committees, Council, European Economic and Social Committee) in areas of relevance to FAO policies and programmes, and facilitates communication and cooperation between FAO and these institutions.

For further information on FAO's activities with the EU, visit the FAO-EU internet website:

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