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Business Networks

Several private and public-sector networks and initiatives bring together European and Japanese businesses in Japan. The EU-Japan Centre for Industrial Cooperation and the EU-Japan Business Round Table work with SMEs and large companies, the European Business Council brings together European companies in Japan to make policy recommendations. The EU's Executive Training Programme helps European businesses increase their knowledge of, and trade with, Japan.


EU-Japan Centre for Industrial Cooperation

The Centre promotes all forms of industrial, trade and investment cooperation between Japan and the EU, and aims to strengthen the technological capabilities and the competitiveness of the European and Japanese industrial systems. As a joint venture of Japan and the EU it has offices in Tokyo and Brussels and its services include access to training, including the Vulcanus in Europe and Vulcanus in Japan schemes for young engineers. It is also the contact point for Horizon 2020 in Japan, and offers various other information services. It organizes the annual Business Round Table (BRT).




EU-Japan Business Round Table (BRT)

The Business Round Table is made up of around 50 CEOs/senior executives from leading EU and Japanese firms who meet once a year to review all aspects of business cooperation and to make policy recommendations to the European Commission and Japanese government. It aims to contribute to the economic success of Japanese and European industry. It identifies mutually-beneficial initiatives and keeps track of progress achieved by the European and Japanese administrations. Its discussions cover various topics including the economy, the business environment and current issues.


European Business Council (EBC)

The European Business Council (EBC) is the trade policy arm of sixteen European National Chambers of Commerce and Business Associations in Japan and is registered as the EU Chamber of Commerce in Japan. It represents over 2,500 local European companies and individuals and works closely with the Delegation, the national European Embassies and business organisations to co-ordinate policy proposals. It makes suggestions to the Japanese government on how to create an open environment for trade and investment in Japan. The EBC, with its 28 industry committees, produces an annual report on the Japanese business environment, outlining the key issues of concern. Past issues of the report are available here.


EU Green Gateway to Japan Programme

Between 1994 and 2014 the EU Gateway to Japan programme has helped to boost trade and investment between Europe and Japan. From 2017 to 2019, the EU will implement the " EU Green Gateway to Japan Programme", which will focus on promoting trade and investment of green technologies in the following 5 sectors: construction, environment, energy, medical devices and railway components, parts and services. Twelve missions shall be organised during the 3 years of the project with the first two missions taking place in the second half of 2017.

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