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The EUIC team

Dora Magnusdottir is the director of the EU Info Centre in Iceland. She holds a B.Sc. degree in Geography from the University of Iceland, a degree in Marketing and Business Administration from the Interactive Marketing and Multimedia Academy in Denmark, graduate diploma in media studies, and an MPA degree in Public Administration from the University of Iceland. Dora has worked with various types of communications in the past decades. First as a tourist guide with foreign visitors in Iceland and then later as a journalist before turning towards public relation and marketing. She has worked in PR and marketing for Icelandair, the National Museum of Iceland, Visit Reykjavik and others. Dora has lived and worked in Germany and Denmark. Dora´s favourite European City is Copenhagen but Bilbao in Northern Spain is the city that impressed her the most at first acquaintance.
E-mail: dora[at]
Tel: +354 527 5704

Svanbjörg H. Einarsdottir – Svana is the PR and event manager of the EU Info Centre in Iceland. She holds a MA degree in mass communication and journalism from the University of Iceland, a degree in production and direction of TV and radio programs from Spain as well as holding a degree in tourist guide studies. Svanbjörg has for years worked directly and indirectly with marketing, communication and promotion, entertainment and infotainment, journalism, arts and culture, events planning, management and services. For almost a decade she was the Director of CCP Iceland, the information desk of the Cultural Programme of the European Union. Alongside she also took care of the Artists Salary- Grants for Icelandic artists. For several years she was the editor of a monthly newsletter, as well as advising applicants for the MEDIA Programme (the audio-visual program of the EU). She has also worked in the past as a journalist, in film production and as a tour guide and in her younger years she worked as a milkmaid in Norway, in a fish factory, as a fishing net maker and cook in a restaurant, just to mention few.  Svana’s s favourite European City is Barcelona where she lived for several years. However, Ljubljana in Slovenia and Lecce in Southern Italy win the beauty contest between European cities.
E-mail: svana[hja]
Tel: +354 572 5702


Ulfur Sturluson is the public information officer of the EU Info Center in Iceland. He has a B.A in English and minored in Japanese from the University of Iceland. He has a Diploma in Conference Interpretation from the University of Iceland and will complete his M.A Degree in International Relations at the University of Iceland in the Spring of 2015. Ulfur has worked as a freelance translator alongside his studies and has, among other things, taken on projects from the EU Delegation in Iceland, the EU Info Center and the Center for International Studies at the University of Iceland. Ulfur has specialized in EU energy affairs and the EU's relations with Russia, in particular those aspects concerning natural gas. Ulfur has no one particular favorite city in Europe, but his favorite region in Europe is Normandy in France.
E-mail: ulfur[at]
Tel: +354 527 5703

Ragnhildur Nielsen is the Office Manager of the EU Info Centre.
E-mail: rnielsen[at]
Tel: +354 527 5700

Audur Orlygsdottir is the EU Info Centre’s webmaster. She holds a BA degree in French and folklore, and MA degree in international relations from the University of Iceland. Auður was a temporary officer at the Ministry for Foreign Affairs in Iceland, in the department for Information and Communication, and has worked as a guide for French speaking tourists in Iceland, amongst other things. Auður’s favorite European city is Nice in France.
E-mail: audur[at]
Tel: +354 527 5701