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Basic Information on the European Union

1. Member States
The EU has 28 Member States.

2. Population
The EU has a combined population of more than 500 million people, more than the United States and Russia combined!

3. Life Expectancy
The average life expectancy of people living in the EU is 78.9 years.

4. Currency
The Euro is the common currency of the EU which is currently adopted by 18 EU Member States and uses the specially created symbol €.

5. Languages:
The EU has 24 official languages. Citizens have the right to communicate with the EU in these languages as well as obtain public documents from the EU in these languages. The most widely understood and spoken language in the EU is English whilst the most widely spoken mother-tongue in the EU is German.

6. Europe Day
Europe Day is celebrated on the 9th May and marks the day Robert Schuman first proposed the creation of the European Coal & Steel Community which eventually became the EU.

7. Exports
The EU is the largest exporter in the world. Exports in 2007 amounted to $1.952 trillion with the USA at $1.046 trillion and China at $1.204 trillion

8. Imports
The EU is also the largest importer in the world. Imports in 2007 amounted to $1.69 trillion with the USA at 1.563 trillion and China at $954.3 billion.

9. Economic Production
The EU accounts for one-third of the world's economic production.

10. GDP Per Capita
GDP per capita 2008
EU $30651
US $47186

GDP 2008
EU $15283.6
US $14369.4

GDP of some 12 trillion euros

Share of International Trade in GDP 2008
EU 41%
US 15.2%

GNP (compared to US/World)
Volume Trade (compared to US/World