Ambassador Janos Herman, Head of the European Union Delegation to GeorgiaAmbassador Janos Herman, Head of the European Union Delegation to Georgia

Dear visitor, 

Welcome to the website of the Delegation of the European Union to Georgia. I hope that even in our age, saturated of flash news coming from multiple sources, you might find it useful and interesting to contact us directly, on this website.

The European Union is a unique political and economic integration of 28 countries who have decided to work together for greater prosperity, stability and peace. The EU is the World's largest integrated economic and trade block. We are also the biggest donor of aid. With the adoption of the Lisbon Treaty in 2009, the EU is playing an increasing role also as a global foreign policy actor. Based on this Treaty, a wide network of EU delegations has been created all over the World. The heads of these delegations represent and implement the policy of the European Union, including its institutions, most notably the European External Action Service and the European Commission. This is my main task in Georgia.

The EU and Georgia have a close and dynamic relationship, based on shared values and objectives. Our common efforts are guided by the recently signed Association Agreement, which formulates the objective of building up political association and economic integration between Georgia and the European Union. The EU and its Member States provide significant and increasing financial support to underpin this ambitious program, which, according to my conviction, opens up new perspectives for the Georgian people. Furthermore, the EU is a strong defender of the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Georgia and plays an important role in promoting the peaceful solution of the conflicts affecting the territory of this country.

Feeding this website, we intend to provide up-to-date and accurate information on the latest developments in the European Union, in EU-Georgia relations as well as the activities of our Delegation. Beyond this, we do our best to make you feel that by visiting this site you reach out to the EU closest to you; "the EU near you". Accordingly, alongside information provided by my colleagues, I intend to share with you as frequently as possible also my personal thoughts.  

Ambassador of the European Union to Georgia