Press Corner

For EU news and data, please consider using the following sources:


RAPID is a database of EU press releases. It goes back to 1985, and the great majority of the documents are available in at least two languages.

Europe by Satellite

Europe by Satellite is the European Union's TV information service which broadcasts quality video and audio files on events, news and press conferences of the European Commission, the European Parliament, the Council of Ministers, the European Central Bank and other EU institutions. It provides live coverage using a non-encrypted signal and can be downloaded without any special equipment.

EU Audiovisual Service

Please visit to download photo and media files, share the sights and sounds of Europe. The unique archive on the EU's history dating from the 1940s is also available on the portal. All materials are available free of charge - via the Internet and via Europe by Satellite - and in professional standards.

EU Tube

It is a space of the European Union on YouTube.

Delegation's YouTube Page

The Delegation has been commissioning short videos as a way to promote networking among partners working on different projects for common causes. Please visit and take a look.


Eurostat offers harmonized statistics of the European Union and its Member States. A vast range of data can be searched and disaggregated by theme, region, country, or date.

The Eurobulletin

The Eurobulletin is the Delegation's magazine in the Belarusian and Russian languages reporting on EU-funded assistance to and cooperation with Belarus. Starting 2014, the magazine is issued in four quarterly issues in electronic format. To subscribe to the Delegation's e-magazine, please send an email to DELEGATION-BELARUS-PRESS@EEAS.EUROPA.EU with "subscribe to the Eurobulletin" in the subject line.

Delegation's weekly EU Review 

To subscribe to the Delegation's weekly Belarusian-language review of EU news, trends, developments, and upcoming events, please send an email to DELEGATION-BELARUS-PRESS@EEAS.EUROPA.EU with "subscribe to the EU Review" in the subject line.

Delegation's Facebook Profile

For alerts on upcoming events, open calls for proposals, etc. please follow us on Facebook.  

EU Activities in Belarus

EU Activities in Belarus is a compendium of past and ongoing EU-funded programs and projects divided by sector of cooperation.

EU Guide for journalists

The Guide can be downloaded in Belarusian or Russian .

For more information or in the event of a specific request, please contact the Press and Information section staff at