EU Relations with Thailand

After the military coup in September 2006, and democratic elections late 2007, the EU is seeking to increase political dialogue and cooperation with Thailand. The EU is currently negotiating a Partnership and Co-operation Agreement (PCA) which will open up wide opportunities to develop our cooperation, so far driven by trade and investment.

The PCA will provide a comprehensive and ambitious framework for joint work with Thailand, in all key areas of EU policies. Negotiations started in 2006, several negotiation rounds have since been organized, alternately in Brussels and in Bangkok.

The domestic political situation has prevented Thailand from engaging fully in the Free Trade Agreement  discussions between ASEAN countries and the EU.

Thailand took over the chair of ASEAN in July 2008. It aims to make ASEAN more business like and bring it closer to the people. It will have an extended period of 18 months in order to oversee effectively the implementation of recent ASEAN integration initiatives.