Vienna, 28/06/2015

Remarks by HR/VP Federica Mogherini upon arrival in Vienna, Austria, for the Iran negotiations on nuclear issue

Today we take stock of the important work that was done by our teams in the last months to translate the political understanding we reached in Switzerland in April into text, into an Agreement, into a political sound agreement.

So today with the ministers we will review all the work that has been done. Focus on the main political points that are still open. Give guidance to our teams to finalize the work hoping to manage to do it int the next couple of days.

We stick to the foreseen timetable. Obviously we have some flexibility as it was the case in Switzerland in April If few additional days are needed we can take them. The important thing is to manage to translate the political understanding we got few months ago into a finalized agreement. I am rather positive that if there's strong political will from all the parties we can get there.

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