EU Relations with Senegal

Relations between the EU and Senegal are based on political dialogue under the Cotonou Agreementrelating to development aid and trade. A partnership agreement on sustainable fishing was signed in November 2014.

The EU has also sent delegations to observe recent elections in Senegal:

  • an observation mission for the presidential elections in February 2012 and
  • an expert mission for the general elections in July 2012.

Development Aid

Provided through the European Development Fund (EDF) mainly for:

  • strengthening democratic governance;
  • development of sustainable agricultural and food security;
  • water and sanitation.

Senegal's overall allocation under the 11th EDF is EUR 347 million for the period 2014-20

  • EUR 200 million for the first period 2014-2017
  • there is to be a review in 2016/17 to prepare the second phase (2018-20) in the light of the new development strategy to be drawn up by Senegal.

Senegal also receives support from regional, Intra-ACP and issue-specific programmes, as well as EU humanitarian aid in order to deal with the consequences of the Sahel food crisis.