San Marino

Cooperation and customs union

The 1991 Co-operation and Customs Union Agreement established a customs union with San Marino and provided for cooperation in several areas.

Savings taxation

Cooperation between the EU and San Marino is based on the Agreement on taxation of savings. In 2013, the EU and Monaco decided to open negotiations on revisions to this Agreement.

Euro as legal tender

The Revised MonetaryAgreement allows San Marino to use the euro as legal tender and mint euro coins up to a specified maximum value.

Participation in the EU single market

In March 2014, the Commission recommended the opening of negotiations with Andorra, Monaco and San Marino on these countries' participation in the single market.

Diplomatic cooperation

The EU and San Marino cooperate on a number of European and global issues. There are regular contacts between the diplomatic representations of the EU and San Marino to major international organisations, such as in New York, Geneva, Vienna and Strasbourg, in order to exchange information and coordinate positions on matters of foreign, security and human rights policy.