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  • 16/05/2014
    Iceland and Norway sign up to join Horizon 2020
  • 27/03/2014
    198 63679 1 Informal strategic dialogue EU-Norway Informal strategic dialogue EU-Norway

    Deputy Secretary General Helga Schmid and Norwegian Political Director Wegger Strømmen met in Norway for the EU-Norway informal strategic dialogue.

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    Informal strategic dialogue EU-Norway
  • 22/01/2014
    307 65744 1 _blank Launch of negotiations on Renewal of the European Economic Area Financial Mechanism Launch of negotiations on Renewal of the European Economic Area Financial Mechanism /statements/docs/2014/140122_03_en.pdf 01/22/2014 17:16:00 01/22/2014 17:16:00 01/22/2014 17:16:00 nulldate 2014012217 European External Action Service 090126248b2b6fa0 N 090126248b2b6fa0 /statements/docs/2014/140122_03_en.pdf 469775 pdf Y /statements/docs/2014/140122_03_en.pdf 1 /statements/docs/2014/140122_03_en.pdf /statements/docs/2014/140122_03_zz.pdf N ID_INTERNAL N N
    Launch of negotiations on Renewal of the European Economic Area Financial Mechanism pdf - 459 KB [459 KB]

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Norway, © Innovation Norway, Credit: Andrea Giubelli/www.visitnorway.comNorway, © Innovation Norway, Credit: Andrea Giubelli/

European Economic Area (EEA)

Norway considered joining the European Community in 1972 and the EU in 1994., Norway joined the EEA in 1994. The EEA Agreement covers most aspects of its relations with the EU including:

• the EU single market – all relevant laws, except those dealing with agriculture and fisheries, apply to Norway
• EU Agencies and programmes – Norway participates in a number of them, albeit with no voting rights
• social & economic cohesion in the EU/EEA – Norway contributes financially
• regular political dialogue on foreign policy issues at ministerial and expert level


The Norwegian Government presented its White Paper on the EEA Agreement and Norway’s other agreements with the EU in October 2012, following the report Outside & inside – Norway's agreement with the EU of the Norwegian Review Committee, portraying Norway as “3/4” integrated into the EU.

Travel (and asylum)

Norway is an associate member of Europe's border-free Schengen area and fully participates in the Dublin system for dealing with asylum claims.

Police and judicial cooperation

Norway participates in Europol and Eurojust.

Foreign policy

Norway is actively seeking association with the EU's foreign & security and security & defence policies (CFSP and CSDP) and participates in EU joint actions such as the EU police mission in Bosnia. It has also pledged personnel and equipment to the CSDP Rapid Reaction Force and to the EU Nordic battle group.
Norway is a valuable partner for the EU on the international stage with frequently shared policy priorities, for example in the areas of energy and climate change. It is also an active partner concerning the Arctic.

EU-EFTA reports - EU Council conclusions

The main issues under EU-Norway relations are outlined in the Council Conclusions below. The 2012 conclusions will be adopted by the end 2012.

2008 conclusions on EU-EFTA relations   
2010 conclusions on EU-EFTA relations
2012 conclusions on EU-EFTA relations pdf - 127 KB [127 KB]
2012 EEA Council conclusions pdf - 95 KB [95 KB]

In 2012, the Norwegian Nobel Committee awarded the EU the Nobel Peace Prize.