EU's relations with New Zealand

The EU and New Zealand are like-minded partners who share many common values and interests and see eye-to-eye on key international and global issues.

The EU-New Zealand Joint Declaration on Relations and Cooperation pdf - 80 KB [80 KB] , adopted at the Foreign Ministers’ meeting on 21 September 2007 in Lisbon, shapes the relationship for the coming 5 years and beyond.

Trade remains very important but the wider political and economic relationship pdf - 27 KB [27 KB] has broadened considerably in scope over the last years. Areas of cooperation and common concern include climate change, openness of world trade, security and development in the Asia and Pacific regions, and promotion of human rights. In all these areas, the EU and New Zealand endeavour to help reinforce one another’s positions at international meetings and fora. Co-operation and consultation take place at all levels, including regular Foreign Ministers’ consultations, annual Senior Officials meetings alternating between Brussels and Wellington and a whole range of sectoral dialogues; trade, agricultural trade, human rights, science and technology, etc.