EU Relations with Kingdom of Morocco

The EU seeks to develop particular close relationship with Morocco, its geographical neighbour, and to support Morocco’s economic and political reforms.

The relationship emphasizes close cooperation on democratic reform, economic modernization, and migration issues.

The Association Agreement(AA) between the European Union and Morocco entered into force in 2000. The first Joint EU-Morocco Action Plan to implement the AA dates back to 2005. A new EU-Morocco Action Plan pdf - 867 KB [867 KB] was formally adopted in December 2013. Since 2008, Morocco has an advanced status with the European Union. Several of the advanced status objectives have been reinforced by the new Action Plan, namely:


  • Strengthen political and security dialogues and cooperation:
    The EU and Morocco regularly exchange on major regional issues. The EU has published a Communication on the Maghreb (17.12.2012 / JOIN (2012) 36 FINAL), which identifies perspectives for cooperation to support the integration process, on the basis of orientations to be chosen by the members of the Arab Maghreb Union.


  • Morocco's gradual integration into the internal market of the EU through legislative and regulatory convergence.
    Several bills have been prepared in Morocco for this purpose, often with the support of the EU (for instance through twinning between European and Moroccan authorities). Thanks to the Program "Succeed the Advanced Status" (180 million €), the EU supports the development of a National Convergence Plan that will help Morocco take advantage of the potential offered by a possible accession to the EU internal market.


  • Broadening the partnership to include new stakeholders:
    The European Parliament has an enhanced role to play since the Treaty of Lisbon, as illustrated by the work of the EU-Morocco Joint Parliamentary Committee, which provides recommendations on the EU-Morocco partnership. The European Economic and Social Committee signed a partnership agreement with the Moroccan Economic and Social Committee. Interaction with and support to Moroccan civil society have been further reinforced.

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