EU Relations with Mauritius

The objective of the European Union strategy for 2008-2013 is to support the government’s 10-year economic reform programme designed to help Mauritius in its transition from a trade-preference dependent economy to a globally competitive economy. To this end, 85% of the €51 million from the 10th European Development Fund, together with 100% of the Sugar Accompanying Measures, from the European Commission Budget, will be channelled through the General Budget Support programme.

To gage the social and political impacts of the reform, a number of key themes will be closely monitored through selected indicators agreed with the government, such as the increased competitiveness of the sugar sector, the efficiency of social programmes, empowerment of women, education reform, promotion of renewable energy and protection of the environment, among others.

The Decentralised Cooperation Programme has made important contributions towards fighting poverty in Mauritius. The programme has seen a tremendous response; participation by some 240 Non State Actors and local authorities has allowed the implementation of some 340 community-based projects.