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The European Union and the Maldives have maintained very close cooperation over the past few decades. Diplomatic relations were established in 1983, with the Commission Head of Delegation in Colombo being accredited as non-resident Ambassador to the Maldives. Currently, the EU seeks to maintain its close collaboration with the Maldives mainly through sustained aid implementation and deepening political co-operation.

The Maldives were severely affected by the 2004 Tsunami. The country benefited from significant EU aid to alleviate the effect of the disaster, with both grants and loans being provided by the European Commission and the European Investment Bank. The EU was the biggest donor for post-tsunami relief. The Country Strategy Paper 2007-2013 pdf - 165 KB [165 KB] Deutsch (de) français (fr) (€10 million in total concentrates EU funds on regional development and support to good governance).