Working in an EU Delegation

From time to time, the  European Personnel Selection Office (EPSO)  organises calls for expressions of interest for the External Relations department. Candidates must pass a test to be considered for recruitment.

Individuals may also consult the different  delegations' websites   for job vacancies, and a list of vacant contract agent posts is published here.

The Junior Professional in Delegations  is aimed at providing qualified University graduates from EU Member States with invaluable experience in the European Commission’s External Service Delegations situated in particular in  developing countries. The initiative is sponsored by the European Commission and the Member States of the European Union. It enables successful candidates to be employed as a full member of the ‘administrative and technical staff’ of a Delegation for a period of two years.

The  European Diplomatic Programme  is a training programme that promotes the idea of common European diplomacy. It's a common project between the EU Member States and EU Institutions and is part of the EU Common Foreign and Security Policy. In practice this programme is executed by the Member States’ Foreign Ministries, the Commission’s External Service and the Council Secretariat. Participants are young diplomats from the foreign services of Member States and officials of the European Commission and the Council Secretariat.