EU Ministers pledge support for Ebola, condemn ISIL & support Ukraine A series of international crisis – Ebola, ISIL, Iraq, Syria and Ukraine dominated October's meeting of EU Foreign Ministers in Luxembourg. /top_stories/images/211014_forein-affairs-council.jpg HRVP Catherine ASHTON with Helga Maria SCHMID, Deputy Secretary General for Political Affairs and Pierre VIMONT, Executive Secretary General 08012624812b4401 0801262483c7ac6e 080126248096a8bc 0801262480dddc81 080126248096a8c9 0801262481402273 0801262482b5f995 08012624869864f0 21/10/2014 10/21/2014 00:00:00 /top_stories/2014/211014_foreign-affairs-council_en.htm The Security Jam is over In 54 hours the Jam brought together almost 2,300 participants from 114 countries contributing 2,800 insightful posts, making the 2014 Jam another great success. “EU as a global security broker” was the most popular forum with the most active discussion addressing the credibility of the EU as a global power. /top_stories/images/jam.jpg Security Jam 08012624812b4401 0801262489f254fe 0801262480e4fd0c 08012624869864f0 17/10/2014 10/17/2014 00:00:00 /top_stories/2014/20141017_security_jam_en.htm EU celebrates International Day of the Girl Child This year's International Day of the Girl Child is dedicated to "Empowering Adolescent Girls". Investing in girls, their education, health and security is the key to promoting stable, secure and prosperous societies. /top_stories/images/101014_world_day_girl_child.jpg © Flickr/Steve Evans 08012624812b4401 0801262480e4fd72 0801262481886455 08012624869864f0 10/10/2014 10/10/2014 00:00:00 /top_stories/2014/101014_world-day_girl_child_en.htm

Η ΕΕ Στον Κόσμο

Εκτός από τις διμερείς σχέσεις που αναπτύσσει με διάφορες χώρες σε όλες τις ηπείρους, η ΕΕ διαθέτει και αντιπροσωπείες σε όλον τον κόσμο. Με ένα δίκτυο 139 αντιπροσωπειών και γραφείων, γίνεται αισθητή η παρουσία της ΕΕ στις αρχές και τους πληθυσμούς των χωρών υποδοχής.


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Στο πλευρό των γυναικών

Συνεργασία με τις γυναίκες: ενίσχυση μέσω της δράσης