Instrument for Stability (IfS) – EU in action

With the launch of the Instrument for Stability (IfS) in 2007 as a follow up to the Rapid Reaction Mechanism, the European Commission has considerably intensified its work in the area of conflict prevention, crisis management and peace building.

Crisis response projects under the Instrument for Stability focus on a wide range of issues, such as support to mediation, confidence building, interim administrations, strengthening Rule of Law, transitional Justice or the role of natural resources in conflict. Under the IfS, these activities can be supported in situations of crisis or emerging crisis, when timely financial help cannot be provided from other EU sources.

The IfS has been used to date to finance a large number of crisis response projects world wide. The largest share of funds was given to projects in Africa, Asia-Pacific, The Balkans, followed by the Middle East and Latin America and the Caribbean.

The Peace-building Partnership is an innovative part of the IfS and is established to strengthen civilian expertise for peace-building activities. It is created to deepen the dialogue between civil society and the EU institutions. It addresses, in particular, civil society organisations and think-tanks, but also international organisations and agencies in EU Member States.

The Instrument for Stability (IfS) also enables the EU to help build long-term international, regional and national capacity to address pervasive transregional and global threats.