Financing Instrument for Cooperation with Industrialised and other high-income countries and territories 2007-2013

For the past decade, the European Union (EU) has been strengthening its bilateral relations with industrialised and other high-income countries and territories, especially in North America, East Asia, South-East Asia and the Gulf region.

The objective of the financing instrument for cooperation for the period 2007-2013 is to promote enhanced cooperation between the European Union (EU) and industrialised and other high-income countries. The European Community intends to further deepen its bilateral relations with industrialised and other high-income countries to strengthen the EU's role and place in the world, to consolidate multilateral institutions and to contribute to balance in the world economy and the international system. These areas are organised under three main categories:

  • Public Diplomacy: enhancing EU visibility and promoting better understanding of EU policies.
  • Business cooperation: consolidating the presence of EU companies in markets that are crucial to penetrate.
  • People-to-People Links: enhancing mutual understanding through cooperation in education and civil society dialogues.

The ICI is implemented annually within the framework of the European Commission’s regional or country Multi Annual Programmes for cooperation (MAP’s). Regional or country Annual Action Programmes (AAP’s) are then adopted which provide a description of the projects, the budgets and an indicative timetable. €172 million was allocated for the period 2007-2013 and €77,645 million is foreseen for 2011-2013 (about €26 million / year).